Michigan Service Scholars

The Michigan Service Scholars Program [MSS] provides scholarships state-wide to students attending Michigan Campus Compact [MCC] member campuses through a grant from The Michigan Community Service Commission and The Corporation for National and Community Service. Students willing to complete 300 hours of community service during one calendar year will be awarded a $1,175 scholarship, otherwise known as an educational award, to be used for qualified educational purposes. Community service hours can be completed during the academic year and/or over class breaks, and eligible service includes community service, special projects, service on campus, student organizations, volunteer recruitment, and other ways you can make a significant community impact. To complete 300 hours during a regular academic year, students would need to average 9.5-10 hours of community service per week. 

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of the service and engagement of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners, Michigan State University was awarded the following prestigious awards in 2014

U.S. President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Logo

2014 U.S. President's "Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (with Distinction)"

Carnegie Foundation Logo

2014 Carnegie Foundation "Elective Community Engagement" Classification

Michigan Campus Compact Logo

2014 Michigan Campus Compact "Engaged Campus of the Year"