Big 10 Service-Learning Network Resources

This page can only be accessed by those who have the link.  The information shared here is intended for the service-learning related departments of Big 10 Network universities that participated in the research described below.

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An explorative guidebook of Big 10 Network service-learning practices was created and compiled by Rachel Poole, Undergraduate Assistant at Michigan State University’s Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (CSLCE), between October 2013 and May 2014.  The exploration was motivated by the CSLCE’s desire to learn from the processes of their Network peers.

The goals of the exploration were to:

  1. Find the department most closely associated with service-learning at each Big 10 university
  2. Determine if the department provides service transcripts
  3. Determine if the department gives recognition for service-learning at any level
  4. Determine if the university designates service-learning or civic engagement in its course catalog
    • And if so
      • Determine how the designation appears in the catalog.
      • Determine what criteria are required for a course to obtain the designation.

All information and logos were given voluntarily or were publicly accessible online.  Permission to share this information among the Big 10 Network was obtained by each university included.

Please note that all information was up-to-date and accurate as of May 2014, but processes continually change.  To obtain the most current information on any institution, you are encouraged to contact that department directly using the contact information list in the Guidebook.  General questions about the exploration conducted may be addressed to Rachel Poole at or 517-353-4400. 


Awards and Recognition

In recognition of the service and engagement of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners, Michigan State University was awarded the following prestigious awards in 2014

U.S. President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Logo

2014 U.S. President's "Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (with Distinction)"

Carnegie Foundation Logo

2014 Carnegie Foundation "Elective Community Engagement" Classification

Michigan Campus Compact Logo

2014 Michigan Campus Compact "Engaged Campus of the Year"