Printer-Friendly Forms

If you would like to post a new position, please print the Position Request form, fill it out and fax to us at 353-6663. If you would like to update a position you already have on file with us, please email and either 1) give us the updated information in the email or 2) request that we email or fax you what you had previously posted so you can make the changes and fax them to us.

The MSU Calendar lists important dates for each semester, including the end date that students are expected to be at the service-learning site (last day of the semester).

The Sample Referral Letter/Packet is the information our staff advisors give to MSU students who have selected an open position you posted on our site. When our staff meets with the student to go over the position details and make the referral to your agency/school, the student will contact you for an appointment. The Referral Letter is what we need you to fill out and return to us to let us know that the student has made contact and is going to begin volunteering. We appreciate a prompt return of the form either via the student, fax, or U.S. mail.

The Evaluation Feedback Form is a tool that we provide for volunteer coordinators/supervisors who wish to give the service-learner feedback on their performance, strengths, and areas of improvement. Please give this information to the student. The CSLCE does not keep these on file, as it is not intended to be a part of an official MSU record.

The Memorandum of Collaboration outlines expectations for both the CSLCE and the community partner.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of the service and engagement of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners, Michigan State University was awarded the following prestigious awards in 2014

U.S. President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Logo

2014 U.S. President's "Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (with Distinction)"

Carnegie Foundation Logo

2014 Carnegie Foundation "Elective Community Engagement" Classification

Michigan Campus Compact Logo

2014 Michigan Campus Compact "Engaged Campus of the Year"