2013-2014 Award Recipients

  • College of Natural Science
    • Chrysoula Vasileiou, Academic Specialist, Chemstry
    • Stephen K. Hamilton, Professor, Kellogg Biological Station
  • College of Communication Arts and Sciences
    • Darcy Drew Greene, Associate Professor, School of Journalism
    • Jeremy W. Steele, Specialist, School of Journalism; Executive Director, Michigan Interscholastic Press Association
  • College of Social Science
    • Esther E. Onaga, Associate Professor, Human Development & Family Studies
    • Jennifer E. Cobbina, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
  • James Madison College
    • Jasmine Lee, Coordinator of Diversity Programming
  • Eli Broad College of Business
    • Amy Radford-Popp, Assistant Director, Residential Business Program
    • Wayne Hutchison, Director, MBA Programs and Academic Services
  • College of Human Medicine
    • Scott A. Monteith, Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
  • College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • William Cunningham, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs in Western Michigan
    • Gary l. Willyerd, Associate Dean, Detroit Medical Center
  • College of Music
    • Jaime R. DeMott, Director, MSU Community Music School-East Lansing
    • Jill E. Woodward, Director, MSU Community Music School-Detroit
  • Residential College in the Arts and Humanities
    • Guillermo Delgado, Lecturer
    • Patricia Rogers, Assistant Professor
  • College of Engineering
    • Andrew Kim, Assistant to the Dean, Recruiting and K-12 Outreach
    • Laura K. Dillon, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • College of Law
    • Jennifer A. Rosa, Associate Clinical Professor of Law
    • Veronica T. Thronson, Associate Clinical Professor of Law
  • College of Arts and Letters
    • Dionne O'Dell, Instructor of Arts and Cultural Management; Academic Advisor, Theatre
    • Trixie G. Smith, Director, The Writing Center
  • College of Education
    • Angela Calabrese Barton, Professor, Teacher Education
    • Higinio Dominguez, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Engagement Innovator Awards

  • John C.W. Waller, Director, Social Science Scholars Program; Associate Professor, History
  • Guillermo Delgado, Lecturer, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

Outstanding Community Partner Awards

  • The Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU)
  • Dean Transportation
  • The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA)

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of the service and engagement of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners, Michigan State University was awarded the following prestigious awards in 2014

U.S. President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Logo

2014 U.S. President's "Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (with Distinction)"

Carnegie Foundation Logo

2014 Carnegie Foundation "Elective Community Engagement" Classification

Michigan Campus Compact Logo

2014 Michigan Campus Compact "Engaged Campus of the Year"